“The Spirit Of The West” Indian Head Nickel Train Collection

The Indian Head Nickel was designed in honor of the American Old West, paying tribute to the Native American peoples who followed the thundering buffalo herds across the Great Plains.

Now, this Spirit of the West Indian Head Nickel train collection honors the spirit of those times. It has dramatic golden scenes of buffalo and Native Americans on the plains, along with bold buffalo portraits inspired by the reverse design of the Indian Head Nickel, adorn every car.

The Spirit Of The West Indian Head Nickel Train Collection

Beginning with the front of the steam locomotive, each issue in this extraordinary train collection features the likeness of the Indian Head Nickel throughout, expertly rendered in raised-relief sculptures with gold- and turquoise-toned flourishes.

It starts with Issue One, the Steam Locomotive. Soon you will receive Issue Two, the Coal Tender, which includes a FREE 14-Piece Track Set, Power Pack and Speed Controller. Next, your collection will continue with Issue Three, the Combine Car. Additional Indian Head Nickel train cars, each a separate issue, will follow.

Each issue in this silver-toned Spirit of the collection is masterfully crafted and heirloom-quality, boasting precision detailing and authentic features that are sure to bring you years of enjoyment. The locomotive headlamp really lights up, shining a powerful beacon as it powers along the track, with its amazing Indian Head Nickel sculptures, images of Native Americans and buffalo, silver-toned finish and so much more.

Price: $75.00 US Each Issue

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