Lionel Trains The Polar Express Steam Freight Ready-to-Run Set

All parts of the Lionel Polar Express train are easy to put together. The manufacturer provides detailed instructions on how to assemble the parts so most likely older children can put together all the parts by themselves. Most of the parts are made from durable materials so they can withstand rough treatment from your children.

The details of the train are very impressive and if you ever watched the movie, you’ll see that the Lionel train has a very realistic look. Moreover, you can also add smoke fluids to get a realistic sounding steam whistle. Since the train is designed for children, the transformer and throttle are made larger than they should be. This is good because it allows young children to operate the train easily.

The Polar Express Steam Freight Ready-to-Run Set


When you buy the train package, you will also get a set of sixty inches long track to run the train. For a more fun, you can also buy additional tracks that are sold separately. Additional accessories are widely available so you can create unique train environments to make your children happier.

Some minor things to consider

Apart from the realistic look and sound, there are a few things that you need to consider before buying the Polar Express train. The first is that the train has lots of small parts, which may cause choking hazard for children under three years old. The train is intended for five years old children and older. However, if you really want to give the train to your toddler, make sure that you watch your child closely when he/she is playing with the train.

Another thing to consider is that the train requires an AC outlet to operate so if you do not have an extension cord, you will have some limitations on where you can place the track.

Reviews from buyers

Overall, the Lionel Polar Express has received lots of five-star ratings from buyers. Durability of the materials, educational value and fun experience are some of the main factors that make many buyers love the train. Most buyers agree that parent supervision is important to avoid unwanted incidents.


The Lionel Polar Express Train is worth the money as it gives lots of fun to children and parents. With simple assembly, durable materials and availability of additional tracks and accessories, giving the Polar Express train as a gift for your child can be a great idea.

Price:  $419.99 US

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