Lionel Polar Express O Gauge Remote Train Set

Fitted with the new LionChief Remote Control system by Lionel, engineers young and old have complete control over their Polar Express trains by an easy-to-use remote. You’ll feel a difference in the smooth operation of the Berkshire locomotive, and hear more realism in the locomotive sounds.

This version has full sounds, synchronized smoke output to the chuffing, and full remote control including announcements. It has a better and more practical design especially if handled by children. In addition to the famous “All Aboard!” announcement of the Polar Express conductor, you’ll also get a brand new “Tickets Please” announcement that’s only available in the LionChief remote control version of the train set.

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The new Version has full sounds, synchronized smoke output to the chuffing, and full remote control including announcements.

The previous model has a quite simple metal bracket to “couple” the tender while this new model utilizes a new over/under coupler that’s major plastic with copper diodes inside. The diodes lead to send sound instructions from the engine to the tender and also synchronize the chuffing noises with the speed of the locomotive.  This die-cast metal electric Berkshire-style locomotive boasts an operating headlight, a puffing smoke unit, and a Rail Sounds RC sound system.

Even More Fun

The set includes 4 character figures from the movie, and passenger cars include interior lighting, silhouettes in the window, rounded observation platform, and decorated drumhead on observation car.

  • Smoke

The smoke on this engine performs wonderfully. Most of the time you have to warm up the old train by going at least half speed around the track for a few minutes before there was any smoke. This new engine make smoke rings immediately, and they are flawlessly timed with the chuff of the engine.

  • Tender

The tender is where all the sounds come from. In this new train the tender interfaces with the engine without any volume controls. It simply has a speaker inside with a sound screen on the bottom.

  • Three passenger cars

You still get quite high quality passenger cars with metal carriages and sturdy plastic cars. All cars have internal lights that are on when the track has power.

LionChief Remote Control

The LionChief Remote Control features forward and reverse speed control knob, buttons to activate whistle and bell sounds as well as “All aboard the Polar Express!” and “Tickets Please!” announcements. All sounds (except chuffing) are controlled by the remote buttons.

Track Layout

The set provides 8 pieces of O36 curved FasTrack, 1 piece of straight FasTrack, and 1 straight terminal section – enough track to create a 40″ x 50″ layout.

The train deals with pretty smoothly – going slower slightly on turns. It’s capable of running faster than you would want to run it. Also in the set you will receive 4 plastic movie figurines (Conductor, Engineer, Fireman, and the main character), smoke fluid, and a commemorative jingle bell as depicted in the movie.

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