Gift Ideas for Children

It may not always be the car or the doll. Kids gifts can be very versatile – just like the little ones. At best, you are promoting the interest of the little ones, because not everyone likes to play with dolls, but perhaps more interested in Christmas tree train set or for the painting and crafts.

Creative games and crafts

For children who like to paint for hours, crafting and cut out the first thought is maybe a coloring book or a craft kit. Not a bad idea, but there are even more possibilities. The good thing is, in any case, that such handicrafts train fine motor skills and concentration.

But also so many small Fidgety Philip can be so calm down piece by piece. Knitting, sewing and felting can also reach of children and specifically tailored to children provide instructions for initial success. Which are particularly important because we as adults know it even from ourselves Grey theory and nothing to be seen – the discouraged. So it makes sense only once to start with something less extensive, but to create a knitting, sewing or Filzprojekt, where you can see a result after a very short time. This not only makes children proud.

Classics for boys and girls

Lego – brick by brick

Known and loved for generations – Lego bricks. Ideal, because for almost every age group of issues were designed and you can find something different areas of interest for both girls and boys. Even big “kids” and adults still find joy in transforming the colorful plastic bricks in engineering marvels or monumental buildings.

Radio Plays

Whether before falling asleep, on a rainy day or just in between. Radio plays are available in a vast variety to as many topics. This is not only fun, but also stimulates the imagination and trains the listening and concentration. Here you can make yourself comfortable and dive into a world of fantasy.


Children love to slip into other roles and to be times of knights, pirate or princess. Imaginative play and varied it. Costumes can either make yourself – buy it in stores or finished – even with the child. For this, a little make-up and the outfit is ready for the really big adventure in the nursery.

Board games

To compete with others, to be focused on the task and sometimes can insert a defeat, all with games one can learn while having fun. Depending on the area for which the child can then select a matching game most interested. There are different ways in which knowledge, skills, interact with each other or just to have fun and joy.

Common games afternoons or evenings are then shared with friends or family is a must. On the go, there are a lot of classic games such as Scrabble, Ludo, etc. as a travel edition. Magnetic and foldable then nothing slips more and you can resume the game at a later time.

Most important in selection of gifts is that it is about the child and his character and interests. If you do not put into it in the other, then the newly acquired gift is just useless later in the corner and it is certainly not intended. A little time you should take when choosing so already and think about what could cause the present to joy.

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