The Advantages of HO Scale Trains

O gauge trains can run outdoors through the garden, back yard, or park. Others may have plenty of indoor space that can handle a major train layout. HO scale trains can be placed in the basement for an ongoing project the entire family will enjoy.

As the world’s most popular sized model railway, HO scale train is the perfect scale for indoor use. It is half the size of the larger O scale (HO stands for “half of O”). The HO scale is 1:87. It uses the 16.5mm track gauge or also known as the standard size gauge.

HO scale train are large enough for children to play with it yet not too small to be easily broken. They provide the right balance between the detail of larger scales and the lower space requirements of smaller scales. They are not only fascinated by children but also teenagers and adults.

HO scale train set have advantages of space, price and creative use. They are easy to setup, assemble and operate with their track system and controllers. Since the HO scale is smaller than other scales, it leaves space for a lot of details for artistic sceneries, landscape, and extremely intricate tracks. They can be good gift for a son, daughter, or grandchild without risk of small parts or tiny components being damaged.

Manufacturers from all over the world made an array of scale trains sets, locomotives, accessories and rolling. If you want to have a train with hills or a small town and other details you can enjoy, the HO scale train sets are for you.

For example, the “Star Wars Express” train set features scenes of exciting movie moments and favorite Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and more.

So this kind of HO train set has a very interesting history. That’s why a lot of hobbyists like to collect them. Adding this train is an excellent way to combine history with a model railroading hobby.

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