Christmas Train Sets For Under the Tree

If you want to see your kid’s face light up, then the perfect gift is a Christmas train set. You can even have fun setting it up under the tree the night before. Kind of makes you wonder what it is about trains that set a child’s delight on fire. You’ll create the best memory for your kids. That includes the big kids, as well. Of all the gifts received, a child will always love a train set for Christmas tree. When they look back on all the holidays, finding a Christmas tree train set running under the tree will be one of their fondest memories.

The technology of today gives us a longer lasting train, not to mention the type of trains you can set up. For young kids there are the popular illuminated Rudolph the red nosed reindeer train set that features sculpted Rudolph characters and decorations. Of course, you can still get the well known brands Lionel Trains The Polar Express with authentic bell and whistle. They make Christmas just perfect. The kids will always remember the Christmas where they found their first train set. The train will chug its way into your child’s heart as it makes its way around your Christmas tree. Just think of what your kids will think when they see the train set complete with sound traveling under the Christmas tree.

The atmosphere of Christmas will be set for life if you choose Disney christmas train set. Your young kids will happily riding the rails with all their favorite friends including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.

Trains make an excellent gift for kids and that includes the big boys, too. Your child’s eyes will light up when they see their favorite super hero train set under the tree at Christmas. The engine headlight shining into the night, carrying a message of hope and feature. You might be starting your child on a hobby for the rest of their lives when they find a Christmas train sets for under the tree.

Not sure which scale to get?

  •     G Scale – Approx. 6″ to 8″ tall. Great for under a full-sized Christmas tree.
  •     O Scale – Approx. 4″ tall. This scale is also a good pick for under the tree and areas with lower clearance.
  •     HO Scale – Approx. 2″ tall. Best suited for smaller trees and table top arrangements.
  •     On30 – Approx. 3″ tall. Perfect for your Dept. 56 Christmas Village.
  •     N Scale – Approx. 3/4″ to 1″ tall. For table top operation.
Lionel Polar Express thumb Christmas Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Train Star Wars Glow-In-The-Dark Train Collection With Commissioned Art The Barack Obama Express Electric Train
Lionel Polar Express G Gauge Train Set The Illuminated Rudolph’s Christmas Town Express Train “Star Wars Express” Glow-In-The-Dark Train Barack Obama “Movement For Change” Illuminated Train
$99.00 US $75.00 US $75.00 US $75.00 US
Budweiser Holiday Express Electric Christmas Train  Illuminated COCA-COLA Christmas Express Train Collection Thomas Kinkade Christmas Express Train Collection
“Magic Of Disney Express” Illuminating Train Budweiser Holiday Express Electric Christmas Train The Illuminated COCA-COLA Christmas Train Thomas Kinkade Christmas Express Train
$75.00 US $69.99 US $69.95  $69.99 US
Choose Your Team NFL Football Express Train  Choose Your Team MLB Baseball Electric Train Collection  HO-Scale Fire Engines And Heroes Train Collection Thomas The Tank
“Choose Your Team” NFL Football Express Train “Choose Your Team” MLB Baseball Electric Train Fire Engines And Heroes Train Collection “Thomas Holiday Special” Deluxe 22-Piece Train Set
$75.00 US  $75.00 US  $75.00 US $149.99 US