Lionel Polar Express O Gauge Train Set

Now, you can own the Polar Express train featured in both the best-selling book and the hit movie. Painstakingly designed to be true to the original, this exclusive Lionel train set features a die-cast metal Berkshire steam locomotive with a larger pilot, a headlight lens cap, and a unique whistle.

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Unlike most “Christmas Trains,” though, this set is tasteful enough to be used on any O gauge railroad all year round. The train set comes with figures modeled after characters from the film. Four main characters are included as articulated figures with turning heads, movable arms, bendable waists, and jointed knees. They can be posed and placed on areas of the locomotive, tender, and passenger cars to replicate your favorite scenes from the movie.

Behind the locomotive and tender are two lighted coach cars and an observation car that features a rounded observation platform — just like in the movie! Silhouettes in the windows depict scenes from the movie.

Most of the parts are reassuringly heavy and durable. You can easily assemble the pieces of the train set, from the smooth linking of the cars, to setting up the track.  Even kids younger than eight can enjoy the Polar Express, if parents help them with it.

    • 2-8-4 Berkshire steam locomotive and tender, two passenger coaches, one passenger observation car with rounded platform, three straight FasTrack track sections, eight curved FasTrack track sections, one FasTrack terminal section, CW-80 Transformer, articulated movie characters, smoke fluid
    • Transformer controlled forward, neutral and reverse operation
    • Air whistle in tender
    • Operating headlight
    • Operating coupler on rear of tender
    • Powerful maintenance-free motor
    • Two traction tires
    • Puffing smoke
    • Die-cast metal locomotive body and frame
    • Separately applied metal handrails
    • Large pilot and headlight lens shield
    • Interior lighting
    • Decorated drumhead on observation car
    • Rounded observation platform
    • Silhouettes in windows

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Lionel Polar Express G Gauge Train Set

Lionel Trains The Polar Express was modeled based on the train in the famous movie “Polar Express”. The movie was very popular among kids and families. The movie told a story of a young boy who rode the Polar Express train in an adventure to find if Santa is real. Although the movie was released more than five years ago, the Polar Express train set is still very popular these days.

The train was designed to be very similar with the train in the movie. It has two lighted coach bars, a Berkshire steam locomotive, and the observation car complete with an observation deck. The windows of the cars are covered with silhouettes that represent the characters in the film.

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This is a ‘G’ scale toy plastic train with plastic track that is battery powered and is controlled by an R/C unit. It has better quality equipment and features than other G scale train set.

The engine has built-in sound that makes a steam ‘chuff’ noise synchronized to the speed of the engine. It also makes a steam brake release noise when it stops. It has a bell sound and whistle that you can control from the R/C unit. It has 3 speeds in both forward and reverse directions. The speeds seems very prototypical. The speed is also momentum controlled – the train speeds up and slows down at a measured pace just like a real train. The detail on the engine is quite good for a toy train.

All parts of the Lionel Polar Express train are easy to put together. The manufacturer provides detailed instructions on how to assemble the parts so most likely older children can put together all the parts by themselves. Most of the parts are made from durable materials so they can withstand rough treatment from your children.  For model railroaders or anyone who wants to tinker, you could add lighting to the coaches fairly easily.

You can operate this train using a 9.6 volt rechargeable battery (not included) or use six conventional C batteries (which are included) – it’s your choice! The set also comes with an easy-to-operate RC remote controller (with two AA batteries included). The train would possibly work well outdoors if you want to try creating a garden railway.


  • Steam Locomotive and Coal tender
  • Passenger coach with two opening doors
  • Observation car with “disappearing hobo” feature and opening door
  • Three Polar Express figures (conductor, boy and hobo)
  • 12 Curved and 4 straight easy-to-assemble G-Gauge black plastic track pieces
  • Easy-to-unpack, easy-to-repack storage box
  • RC remote controller

Locomotive Features:

  • Highly detailed, sturdily constructed Berkshire-style locomotive
  • Authentic train sounds, including bell and whistle
  • Working headlight
  • Requires six C cell batteries (not included)

Passenger Cars Feature:

  • Handsomely detailed passenger coach
  • Observation car with “disappearing hobo” feature
  • Fixed knuckle couplers

RC Remote Control Features:

  • Designed for easy use
  • Clearly marked buttons allow train to go forward and reverse, sound the whistle, ring the bell, and play “All aboard The Polar Express”
  • Requires two AA batteries (not included)


Lionel Trains Harry Potter Hogwarts Express O Gauge Set

Now you can bring the magical world of Harry Potter to life with the Hogwarts Express train set by Lionel! Fantasy lovers will own a realistic model of the train that Harry Potter rides to Hogwarts.

This is Lionel’s first ever model of an historic British train, which required completely new tooling and molds. Based on the best-selling books by J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. movies, this die-cast steam locomotive features true-to-life details of the magical train all Harry Potter fans will recognize.

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This is an O36 train set. It includes a powerful maintenance-free motor, puffing smoke, operating headlight, air whistle and more. There are bumpers on the front, the fenders over the drivers, and the “missing” sand dome (the sand reservoirs are attached to the steam dome). All of these details give this die-cast 4-6-0 locomotive an appearance that is streamlined, classic, and uniquely British.

Some notable features is the great detail on the engine and cars, the passenger car windows that light up with lots of spare bulbs in the kit. The engine headlamp is nice and bright, creating smoke when you use the smoke oil. The engine whistle sounds great, and you can run it forward, backwards, or have it sit in neutral to keep it in place but have it still light up.

The illuminated passenger cars also represent the kind of cars used on British railways for nearly a century, and also used in the film. If you would like an authentically detailed collectible based on the Harry Potter stories, this set will fill the bill very nicely.

  • Set Includes
    • 4-6-0 locomotive and tender, two passenger coaches, one combination car, three straight FasTrack track sections, eight curved FasTrack track sections, one FasTrack terminal section, powerful CW-80 Transformer
  • Locomotive Features:
    • Transformer controlled forward, neutral and reverse operation
    • Air whistle in tender
    • Operating headlight
    • Operating coupler on rear of tender
    • Powerful maintenance-free motor
    • Two traction tires
    • Puffing smoke
    • Die-cast metal locomotive body
    • Separately applied metal handrails
  • Passenger Cars Feature:
    • Interior lighting
    • Operating couplers
    • Soft molded diaphragms between cars

How to Choose The Best Christmas Train Sets

The Christmas train set running under the tree was heartwarming memories of many of us. It is a custom in many households to use train sets in their Christmas decorations. The holidays truly began when Christmas tree lights were on and the Christmas train set was taken out of the box.

If you hope to have the train set for years and pass on to your children, you will need a quality one.  It’s more expensive than common toy train which will fall apart easily, but you will not regret making the investment providing years of delight and joy.

One of the most important factors to choose the Christmas tree train set is the age of the child. Sturdy train set with simple operation is best for younger children, while highly detailed and expensive Christmas train sets are better for older children.

Train set scale is another thing you should consider when you’re buying Christmas train sets. Model trains come in various scale sizes. Scale is the ratio of the train size relative to the real thing, and gauge tells you the distance between the rails on the train track. HO scale (1:87), the N scale (1:160) and the G scale (1:22.5). Beginners just starting out usually start with the HO scale train sets.

An O scale train set is one of the largest sizes. O Scale trains are considered collectible, and therefore have the potential to appreciate in value. It’s spectacular to run the Lionel O scale train set under the tree but it needs large space for layout.

HO scale train sets are more popular and is the most economical way to go.  HO is 1:87 scale and there are a huge number of products available for this size. HO train sets are easier to deal with. N scale is another popular size. It’s 1:160. If you could only spare 8ft x 4ft, than check out N gauge train which is smallest for young children.

A good train set is easy to assemble and contains everything you need. They are safe and easy to use, helping your child improve his imagination and motor skills. When holiday is coming, Christmas train sets are the perfect Christmas gifts that appeal to your children. The steam locomotive headlight and inner compartments of the cars really light up, spreading Christmas cheer as it rolls.

Train set accessories is a good option to compliment your Christmas scene. You can add a personal touch and a bit of character to your layout, such as Christmas village, miniature people, and bridge accessory.

The Advantages of HO Scale Trains

O gauge trains can run outdoors through the garden, back yard, or park. Others may have plenty of indoor space that can handle a major train layout. HO scale trains can be placed in the basement for an ongoing project the entire family will enjoy.

As the world’s most popular sized model railway, HO scale train is the perfect scale for indoor use. It is half the size of the larger O scale (HO stands for “half of O”). The HO scale is 1:87. It uses the 16.5mm track gauge or also known as the standard size gauge.

HO scale train are large enough for children to play with it yet not too small to be easily broken. They provide the right balance between the detail of larger scales and the lower space requirements of smaller scales. They are not only fascinated by children but also teenagers and adults.

HO scale train set have advantages of space, price and creative use. They are easy to setup, assemble and operate with their track system and controllers. Since the HO scale is smaller than other scales, it leaves space for a lot of details for artistic sceneries, landscape, and extremely intricate tracks. They can be good gift for a son, daughter, or grandchild without risk of small parts or tiny components being damaged.

Manufacturers from all over the world made an array of scale trains sets, locomotives, accessories and rolling. If you want to have a train with hills or a small town and other details you can enjoy, the HO scale train sets are for you.

For example, the “Star Wars Express” train set features scenes of exciting movie moments and favorite Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and more.

So this kind of HO train set has a very interesting history. That’s why a lot of hobbyists like to collect them. Adding this train is an excellent way to combine history with a model railroading hobby.

Gift Ideas for Children

It may not always be the car or the doll. Kids gifts can be very versatile – just like the little ones. At best, you are promoting the interest of the little ones, because not everyone likes to play with dolls, but perhaps more interested in Christmas tree train set or for the painting and crafts.

Creative games and crafts

For children who like to paint for hours, crafting and cut out the first thought is maybe a coloring book or a craft kit. Not a bad idea, but there are even more possibilities. The good thing is, in any case, that such handicrafts train fine motor skills and concentration.

But also so many small Fidgety Philip can be so calm down piece by piece. Knitting, sewing and felting can also reach of children and specifically tailored to children provide instructions for initial success. Which are particularly important because we as adults know it even from ourselves Grey theory and nothing to be seen – the discouraged. So it makes sense only once to start with something less extensive, but to create a knitting, sewing or Filzprojekt, where you can see a result after a very short time. This not only makes children proud.

Classics for boys and girls

Lego – brick by brick

Known and loved for generations – Lego bricks. Ideal, because for almost every age group of issues were designed and you can find something different areas of interest for both girls and boys. Even big “kids” and adults still find joy in transforming the colorful plastic bricks in engineering marvels or monumental buildings.

Radio Plays

Whether before falling asleep, on a rainy day or just in between. Radio plays are available in a vast variety to as many topics. This is not only fun, but also stimulates the imagination and trains the listening and concentration. Here you can make yourself comfortable and dive into a world of fantasy.


Children love to slip into other roles and to be times of knights, pirate or princess. Imaginative play and varied it. Costumes can either make yourself – buy it in stores or finished – even with the child. For this, a little make-up and the outfit is ready for the really big adventure in the nursery.

Board games

To compete with others, to be focused on the task and sometimes can insert a defeat, all with games one can learn while having fun. Depending on the area for which the child can then select a matching game most interested. There are different ways in which knowledge, skills, interact with each other or just to have fun and joy.

Common games afternoons or evenings are then shared with friends or family is a must. On the go, there are a lot of classic games such as Scrabble, Ludo, etc. as a travel edition. Magnetic and foldable then nothing slips more and you can resume the game at a later time.

Most important in selection of gifts is that it is about the child and his character and interests. If you do not put into it in the other, then the newly acquired gift is just useless later in the corner and it is certainly not intended. A little time you should take when choosing so already and think about what could cause the present to joy.

Encourage creative play – inspire children’s imagination

When creative play with Playmobil is now happy holiday mood: Exciting trips with parents or maybe even travel to distant lands, it is the youngest family members during the holidays happy. But even if the school has already begun again, the holiday fun can now go in the nursery. On the holiday hotel with device starts the dream vacation every day. Here children aged four years and relive their best holiday experiences in creative play, take on changing roles and come up with new adventures.

Lovingly decorated game world – from the wall safe to cots

The little Playmobil family waiting a good mood at the airport bus stop. Since already the hotel bus to turn the corner and brings the tourists and their luggage to their idyllic hotel right on the beach. Warmly welcomes guests at the reception and the family looks curiously around in the lobby. The exquisite detailing make imaginative, creative play: for valuables, there is a wall safe for the kids and even has its own games room. No sooner have the tourists checked in, raises the Page luggage service from the heavy suitcase on his car. A lift takes you up to the next floor. “Now just insert the key card and enter” asks the Page. Since all amazed: From the balcony you have a magnificent view of the sea and in the comfortable double beds you sleep guaranteed gorgeous. Well as the comfort for the little thought – from cots to an extra toilet seat.

Creative games in the flashing disco with music

The next morning, talked to a delicious breakfast buffet on the program for the day. All agree – of course, it goes to the beach! In the evening, the kids are tired from building sand castles, but they definitely want to have in the kids club disco. Here, expect lots of creative games, fun and good humor. The flashing lights and disco ball glow in the working stroke of two cool songs. Alternatively, the own MP3 player can be connected to play favorite hits. The parents look at the hotel shop for a gift for the grandparents. Souvenirs for the folks back home about the toothbrush for the forgetful to Postcards everything a vacationer’s heart is. Of course, all hotel rooms are always spotlessly clean – thanks to the diligent cleaning service. The maid runs daily with the cleaning carts from room to room, so feel the holiday guests comfortable.

Even more holiday fun creative play with optional kit

Anyone who wants to expand his toy-hotel one floor, you can do so with the luxurious bungalow suite. The trains for under the christmas tree, spacious living and sleeping area, a lavish bathroom with tub and private sun terrace make the perfect dream vacation.

When creative play with the Playmobil Holiday hotel sunny holiday fun for the Playmobil family even after the summer holidays does not stop. Already reserved rooms?

Lionel Frosty The Snowman G-Gauge Train Set

For over 60 years, “Frosty the Snowman” has enchanted the hearts of young children and solidified its place as a lyrical favorite for the holiday season. New for 2014, Lionel is offering this highly detailed, General Style G-Gauge set which is sure to bring holiday magic for years to come.

With authentic steam train sounds, forward and reverse motions, and strains of the “Frosty the Snowman” music, this G-Gauge Train is bound to be a hit with conductors of all ages!

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Detailed Locomotive
This G-Gauge locomotive features authentic steam train sound, bell and whistle sounds, and it even plays “Frosty the Snowman” music at the touch of a button!

Remote Controller
Little conductors can easily control the movement of their train with this remote control that features forward and reverse buttons and whistle and bell sounds.

Decorated Freight Cars
Each piece of rolling stock is produced with durable plastic construction and features fixed knuckle couplers and magical holiday deco.

Track Layout
This set includes 12 curved pieces and 4 straight sections – enough track to create a 55” by 72” oval. 

Lionel Crayola G-Gauge Train Set

Just like Lionel, Crayola has impacted many childhoods for over the past 100 years making is one of the most recognizable brands in the US. This colorful set is the perfect starter set and is sure to inspire creativity and fun and years to come.

This fun and energetic Crayola general-style G-Gauge set is a brand-new addition to the Lionel product line, and it’s sure to be a hit among children of all ages! Kids from 1 to 92 will enjoy running this train in forward and reverse, and operating authentic train sounds.

Lionel Crayola G-Gauge Set

Detailed Locomotive
This durably constructed general-style steam locomotive is crafted with authentic train sounds like a bell and whistle, and realistic details like a working headlight.

Remote Controller
Easy to use and fun to run, the clearly marked remote control buttons allow the train to go forward and reverse, and allows operators to sound the whistle and ring the bell.

Decorated Freight Cars
The freight cars are authentically detailed with Crayola deco, fixed knuckle couplers, and opening doors on the boxcar.

Track Layout
Each set comes with enough track to create a 55” by 72” layout. Included are 12 curved and four straight pieces of G-Gauge black plastic track.

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Lionel Snoopy Railroad G-Gauge Train Set

Drift away with Snoopy and become a world class conductor on our newest addition to our Peanuts line, Snoopy Railways G-Gauge Set. This highly detailed and energetic set is sure to make you want to do a “happy dance”. Perfect for children ages four and up or any Snoopy enthusiast.

This highly detailed G-Gauge set features everyone’s favorite canine as the conductor of his very own train. It makes a perfect gift for children four and older – or any Snoopy fan! Kids from 1 to 92 will enjoy running this train in forward and reverse, and operating authentic train sounds.

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Detailed Locomotive
This durably constructed Berkshire-style steam locomotive is crafted with authentic train sounds like a bell and whistle, and realistic details like a working headlight.

Remote Controller
Easy to use and fun to run, the clearly marked remote control buttons allow the train to go forward and reverse, and allows operators to sound the whistle and ring the bell.

Decorated Freight Cars
The freight cars are authentically detailed with Snoopy Railways logos, fixed knuckle couplers, and opening doors on the boxcar.

Track Layout
Each set comes with enough track to create a 55” by 72” layout. Included are 12 curved and four straight pieces of G-Gauge black plastic track.

Lionel Polar Express O Gauge Remote Train Set

Fitted with the new LionChief Remote Control system by Lionel, engineers young and old have complete control over their Polar Express trains by an easy-to-use remote. You’ll feel a difference in the smooth operation of the Berkshire locomotive, and hear more realism in the locomotive sounds.

This version has full sounds, synchronized smoke output to the chuffing, and full remote control including announcements. It has a better and more practical design especially if handled by children. In addition to the famous “All Aboard!” announcement of the Polar Express conductor, you’ll also get a brand new “Tickets Please” announcement that’s only available in the LionChief remote control version of the train set.

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The new Version has full sounds, synchronized smoke output to the chuffing, and full remote control including announcements.

The previous model has a quite simple metal bracket to “couple” the tender while this new model utilizes a new over/under coupler that’s major plastic with copper diodes inside. The diodes lead to send sound instructions from the engine to the tender and also synchronize the chuffing noises with the speed of the locomotive.  This die-cast metal electric Berkshire-style locomotive boasts an operating headlight, a puffing smoke unit, and a Rail Sounds RC sound system.

Even More Fun

The set includes 4 character figures from the movie, and passenger cars include interior lighting, silhouettes in the window, rounded observation platform, and decorated drumhead on observation car.

  • Smoke

The smoke on this engine performs wonderfully. Most of the time you have to warm up the old train by going at least half speed around the track for a few minutes before there was any smoke. This new engine make smoke rings immediately, and they are flawlessly timed with the chuff of the engine.

  • Tender

The tender is where all the sounds come from. In this new train the tender interfaces with the engine without any volume controls. It simply has a speaker inside with a sound screen on the bottom.

  • Three passenger cars

You still get quite high quality passenger cars with metal carriages and sturdy plastic cars. All cars have internal lights that are on when the track has power.

LionChief Remote Control

The LionChief Remote Control features forward and reverse speed control knob, buttons to activate whistle and bell sounds as well as “All aboard the Polar Express!” and “Tickets Please!” announcements. All sounds (except chuffing) are controlled by the remote buttons.

Track Layout

The set provides 8 pieces of O36 curved FasTrack, 1 piece of straight FasTrack, and 1 straight terminal section – enough track to create a 40″ x 50″ layout.

The train deals with pretty smoothly – going slower slightly on turns. It’s capable of running faster than you would want to run it. Also in the set you will receive 4 plastic movie figurines (Conductor, Engineer, Fireman, and the main character), smoke fluid, and a commemorative jingle bell as depicted in the movie.

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer O-Gauge Remote Control Train Set

Champion of the rails, this Pennsylvania Flyer O-Gauge train set includes a remote control for easy operation and walk-around fun.

Behind the electric locomotive, you’ll find a string of rolling stock – including a tank car, a boxcar, and a caboose. And it all operates off Lionel’s handheld LionChief remote control. You can use the remote to turn it on, blow the while and control the speed level.

A powerful 0-8-0 leads the rugged freight smoothly around a full 40″ X 50″ oval of FasTrack. When in the square shape, the track looks to be the perfect size for around a tree.

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Detailed Locomotive

This mighty steam locomotive features a user-activated whistle, bell sounds and special announcements. It’s sure to provide hours of fun. The locomotive even has an operating headlight!

LionChief Remote Controller

Conductors can easily control the movement of their train with this handheld remote that features a forward and reverse speed control knob. Plus, there are also buttons for whistle and bell sounds, steam chuffing, and special announcements.

Decorated Freight Cars

Each piece of rolling stock features fixed couplers and Pennsylvania Flyer deco. Plus, the boxcar has opening doors, the tank car features metal handrails and ladders, and the caboose is illuminated.

Track Layout

This set includes eight curved O36 FasTrack tracks and one 10” straight FasTrack section and one FasTrack 10” wall-pack terminal section – enough track to make a 40” by 50”oval!